Unique method of Violin virtuoso & teacher Alexander Shonert

«How to get firm staccato up and down in 1 master-class»

Hello my dear colleagues who play the violin,

I would like to offer you my unique violin master classes which will help you to find the shortest way to play firm staccato up and down. It requires only 1 or 2 days. The biggest problem is that when the violinist plays firm staccato the muscles of the right hand become convulsed and uncontrollable especially on the down-bow. It can prevent you from playing the violin properly and make the sound of your music worse. So I have found the special method which helps to relax right hand in order to make its muscles work in cooperation so that one group of muscles smoothly turns to another one.

Learn more about violin master classes

If you are interested in my method, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

You can also learn more about the method, its advantages and violin master classes on the website in the section called the Shonert Technique. There you can read about problems that may appear when you are learning to play the violin, find out what problems the technique solves and get some information about the book “Advanced Violin Techniques, Vol. I”.

Lessons can be held in three languages: English, Czech, and Russian. For the moment I live in Prague, Czech Republic.

How the study is organized

The violin master class consists of several lessons during 1-3 days.

The price is negotiable for the whole course + travel and accommodation costs.

I can give you a guarantee that this method can help you if you follow all my recommendations. You can achieve very good results, developing in a necessary direction. After finishing my course, it might take up to one month to completely master the whole method, but some of my students managed to learn it in one week. So my violin master classes are a good way to learn to

The Shonert Technique of masterclasses:

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• How to Learn to Play the Violin Correctly
• Bow Strokes
• How to Prepare for International Violin Competition
• How To Get Rid Of Stage Fright
• Psychology of Playing the Violin
• How to Master Changes of the Positions
• How to Master Good Intonation and Excellent Technique of the Left Hand
• How to Do Easy Smooth Bow Changes without Losing Tone
• How to Achieve Greater Power without Increasing Bow Pressure
• How to Maintain a Healthy Spine (Special Body Exercises for Musicians)
• Energy Chi in the Violin Playing
• Spirituality and Playing the Violin