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My course: How to Master Firm Staccato Up and Down

“Staccato is not born in the hands. Staccato is born in the mind.”
You now have in possession the secret that will help you learn professional staccato, a bowing technique often misunderstood, and mastered by only a few great violinists. I would like to offer you the shortest way to master firm staccato up and down (in both directions) in just three lessons. My main aim, without changing the methods of other teachers, is to help to understand why the student fails to play firm staccato and to overcome the causes.
It is often necessary to improve the general technique of the right hand because no problem exists in isolation and must be addressed and resolved as part of a whole. The main problem is that when the violinist plays firm staccato, the muscles of the right hand become convulsed and uncontrollable, especially on the down-bow. I have found a method which enables the right hand to relax and allow the muscles to work in cooperation with other muscle groups of the arm, so that one group of muscles runs smoothly into the next.

5 Hours 5 Classes USD 300
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What does the violin lesson cost include?

There several different courses: vibrato, bowing and shifting. Each type of the private violin lessons costs 300 USD per 5 classes. Every lesson lasts one hour. If you do not live in Prague or just prefer to study at home, you may also choose Skype lessons. Time and costs of violin lessons online vary and you can easily find the course that suits you.
By choosing violin lessons based on the Shonert Technique, you get the help of a great experienced violinist and teacher, who can explain to you what you should do to make your sound powerful and clear. He customizes the approach to every student in order to help you to learn to play violin easily.

Free offer for all new students

Sign up for lessons and receive a 20 minute lesson and consultation for free You are under no obligation to continue. Should you decide to continue, my tuition starts at US$35 and upwards per 30 minutes depending on your skills. I will know what techniques/skills you need to improve, once we finish our consultation together. I look forward to meeting you.

Lessons are available in English, Russian and Czech languages.

Course – vibrato

How to Master Beautiful Vibrato
5 Hours 5 Classes USD 300
1 hour = 60 minutes.

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Course – bowing

How to Master All Bow Strokes
5 Hours 5 Classes USD 300
1 hour = 60 minutes.

Course – shifting

How to Master Changes of the Positions
5 Hours 5 Classes USD 300
1 hour = 60 minutes.

Skype lessons

For customized lessons, such as competition preparation, please contact me for pricing, which will depend on your skill level.

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