The Shonert Technique

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The Shonert Technique for playing on the violin:

• How to Master Firm Staccato Up and Down in 3 Lessons
• How to Master Beautiful Vibrato
• How to Learn to Play the Violin Correctly
• Bow Strokes
• How to Prepare for International Violin Competition
• How To Get Rid Of Stage Fright
• Psychology of Playing the Violin
• How to Master Changes of the Positions
• How to Master Good Intonation and Excellent Technique of the Left Hand
• How to Do Easy Smooth Bow Changes without Losing Tone
• How to Achieve Greater Power without Increasing Bow Pressure
• How to Maintain a Healthy Spine (Special Body Exercises for Musicians)
• Energy Chi in the Violin Playing
• Spirituality and Playing the Violin

Unique technique of playing the violin

Are you practicing your violin for a long hours, and making only small amounts of progress? Do you find yourself losing ground, when you miss practice? Are you experiencing pain or fatigue? Do you want to know advanced violin playing techniques that have been used by many great violinists in the past, that enabled them to play such beautiful and difficult violin music with apparent ease and comfort? Would you like to become a violinist in a much shorter period of time? With a lot less practice?

If you answered “yes” to all of the above”, then you have come to the right place. I understand the frustration, pressure and pain that come with practice and performance. I was there years ago. That was until I discovered a powerful principle for producing beautiful sound energy with the least amount of effort, which is the unique technique of playing the violin.

In brief, it is not about practicing harder or longer hours, or repeating music scores over and over. Rather it is about discovering and becoming sensitive to the energetics within your own mind and body, in order to “catch the movement” that are unique to each finger positions of your left hand or bow strokes from your right hand.

Once discovered and experienced, it will not only eliminate all tension and pain, but you will also notice an immediate change in the quality of your tone. Furthermore, your need for practicing will be far less, because the physiology of the “movement” will have already been registered in your memory as a feeling. It is much like discovering the feeling of balance when you ride a bicycle.

I have successfully taught my system, called The Shonert Technique, which has enabled them to successfully play advanced violin pieces in a very short period of time.

What are the benefits/rewards of The Shonert Technique?

• Achieve powerful, clear and rich sound without bow pressure
• Maintaining sound quality on bow changes
• Play staccato with firmness, clarity, evenly, fast or slow and long
• Complete control over muscle groups of your right arm and hand
• Complete relaxed playing, enjoy your music
• No special talent needed, but achievable by anyone
• Difficult violin pieces are now within reach
• Once achieved, very little practice time needed
• Play for your audience with complete confidence

What problems does the book solve?

• Convulsive and uncontrollable right hand
• Muscle fatigue, tension and pain
• Stage fright, panic and fear
• Long hours of practice

More advantages of Shonert playing technique on the violin

Besides learning to play firm staccato, The Shonert Technique will empower all your bowing strokes and styles with a beautiful, clear and bell like sound that is guaranteed to move the hearts and emotions of your audience.

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“Prof. Shonert is a natural born teacher. Fortunately for me he has chosen to teach string instruments. He has a unique ability to discern what I need, what my specific problem or difficulty is and then to find a way to teach me how to fix the problem or learn the new technique in a way I can both understand and act upon. I have experienced many teaching/learning situations and know that this is a unique ability. He is truly gifted.”

Bernhard Metzger, violist (Boston, USA)